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Residential Air Quality Systems in Richmond, VA


Improve The Quality of Air Your Family Breathes

River City Heating and Air is capable of providing professional, industrial hygiene services to address Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) concerns and complaints (i.e. irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headache, fatigue, sinus congestion, etc.) raised by building occupants, whether residential or commercial.

Indoor air concerns typically arise from four elements:

  • A source of contaminants or odors
  • A problem with the heating, ventilation and/or air-conditioning (HVAC) system of a building
  • A pathway between the source and location of the complaint
  • The building occupants

What Air Quality means to you:

  • Keeping your air clean and fresh in your home is easy with our line of air cleaning products. These products assist your heating and air system by filtering air better and eliminating allergens.
  • Indoor air quality product sales and installations. Certified, trained, and background checked technicians.
  • We offer a variety of products designed to keep the air in your home clean and fresh
  • With advances in technology keeping your air clean is easy and at a low cost
  • We offer filtering systems, advanced filters for your heating and cooling system, air purifiers and ultra violet light systems that can remove most all allergens in your home
  • Clean air is a key component to a healthy home

Residential Air Quality Systems in Richmond, VA

River City Heating and Air’s IAQ professionals will conduct a detailed survey of the affected building and/or surrounding area to diagnose potential sources for IAQ concerns. This survey includes an initial walk-through inspection, an assessment of pollutant sources, an inspection of the heating and air conditioning system, and the identification of any potential migration pathways. River City Heating and Air will develop a plan to mitigate and control any IAQ problems discovered and recommend strategies to reduce the possibility of future concerns.

Duct Cleaning:

  • Your ducts are full of dirt and grime. Air blows though your ducts and brings the dirt and dust into your home. Professionally cleaned ducts improve your air quality and will extend the life time of your system.
  • Professional duct cleaning systems, certified, trained, and background checked technicians.

Your family is breathing the air supplied by your ducts as well as the dust and dirt associated with it. Help reduce your family’s health problems–such as allergies– and breathe cleaner, fresher air as you enjoy your home the way you should.