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Residential Heating Service & Repair In Richmond, VA

Expert Heating Repair, Service & Installation For Richmond Homeowners

Here at River City Heating and Air, we provide high-quality heating repair and service to guarantee your HVAC unit perfectly heats your home. From installation to routine maintenance, we offer regular and emergency services to help with any heating problems you may have in Richmond, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville & Midlothian. Some of the heating systems we work on include:

Heat Pump Repair & Installation

For homes and businesses that lack natural gas and are located in moderate climates, a heat pump is the perfect and more cost-efficient choice for heating your home. Heat pumps extract heat from the outdoors and push it into your home, which produces a lower daily operating cost than a furnace and central air conditioning system that has to create and adjust its temperatures. In Richmond, a heat pump is the perfect heating system that we can help install for your home.  We can get you set up with a heat pump system for just $4995.


If your furnace heating system needs replacing, we can install a newer model that is more efficient and cost-effective to help lower your heating bill. We have several major brand furnaces to choose from whether it be natural gas furnaces, electric or oil.

Dual Fuel Systems

We install dual fuel systems for a more cost-efficient method to heat your home. With the combined benefits that a heat pump and full-sized furnace offer, a dual fuel system will use the heat pump for mild weather and switch to the furnace with colder temperatures.

Gas Boilers

Whether you have a water or steam heating system, we can install and help maintain all types of gas boilers for home heating. Our services can also install additional features to accompany and work with your gas boiler to maximize heating efficiency.

Aquatherm Hot Water Systems

Our expert technicians can convert your gas or oil-fired water heater into an aquatherm hot water system that is multi-purposeful and more efficient. These systems effectively provide heat to your home while also providing hot water.

Here at River City Heating and Air, we know how important it is to have a proper heating system in the cold winter months. If your system breaks down or needs maintenance, time is crucial to getting your HVAC back up and running. Our heating installation and repair services are on call 24 hours and will help with all your heating needs. We will keep your heating system up-to-date and running smoothly for a more effective and cost-efficient process.

We proudly provide heating service & repairs across Richmond, VA, and surrounding areas, including:

Why Choose River City Heating & Air For Your Heating Needs?

Since 2006, River City Heating & Air has provided expert residential heating and furnace installation, maintenance, and repair in Richmond, and surrounding areas. For businesses and other non-residential buildings in the greater Richmond area, we offer commercial HVAC services. Call us at (804) 463-6278 for all your air conditioning system needs, and our regular and emergency services will take care of any issues to properly cool your home.