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Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Instead of waiting until a costly HVAC unit repair is needed, avoid the expense with a preventative maintenance contract. Here at River City Heating and Air, we offer HVAC maintenance services to help homeowners maintain their HVAC units and avoid system breakdowns. Yearly HVAC maintenance can detect problems ahead of time and extend the life of your unit. We recommend scheduling our HVAC preventative maintenance services twice a year — once in the spring and once in the fall, before extreme temperatures occur.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Contract For Your Richmond Home

Priority Service: When extreme temperatures hit in the summer and winter months, our routine air conditioning and heating services may have a 4-5 day waiting list with the high demand. However, all our contract customers are guaranteed service within 48 hours.

Reduced Diagnostics fees: We offer a 10% discount on all HVAC repair services performed during the term of the agreement.

Improved System Efficiency: It is more cost-efficient to regularly maintain your heating and air conditioning systems because they use 20-30% less energy when working at maximum efficiency. Our preventative maintenance contracts are a long-term investment with the money you save on energy each month surpassing what you pay for the contract.

Fewer Breakdowns and Emergency Calls: Routine maintenance is guaranteed to ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly. On average, 68% of all calls for emergency services could have been avoided with a planned maintenance program in place.

Longer Equipment Life: Well-maintained equipment lasts longer and is more efficient than equipment that isn’t maintained and continuously left alone.

Peace of Mind: Your preventative maintenance contract with River City Heating and Air will keep your heating and air conditioning systems operating at maximum efficiency throughout the year. You do not need to worry about your HVAC system failing when you need it — we will work hard to ensure your unit works perfectly for years.

Two Full Operation Service Inspections of Your System: All required maintenance parts, cleaning, and labor needed is included. (Heating only or A/C — 1 inspection)

Keep Your Home Healthy

Dust-mites, poor indoor air quality, and the soiling of grills, walls, and furniture may occur if you do not properly maintain your heating and air conditioning systems, requiring longer cleaning time when you decide to address these problems. In severe cases, not maintaining your HVAC unit can lead to health-threatening diseases. By maintaining your unit, you will keep your home and environment cleaner and healthier.

Service Areas

Our professionally trained technicians will provide all regular and scheduled residential maintenance services to any home in the Richmond, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville, Chesterfield, and surrounding areas. For businesses and other non-residential buildings in the greater Richmond area, we offer commercial services. Call us at (804) 463-6278 if you are interested in our preventative maintenance contract, and we will work hard to keep your HVAC unit running smoothly for years to come.